Monday, June 22, 2009


Albies doublers are CONFIRMED in tomorrow's paper in Idaho and Utah! Get ready for some GREAT deals this week! However, it looks like there's only 2/ad and they're only letting you use 2 per shopping trip this that makes it a little difficult since you have to buy 10 participating items (for the Epic promo) to get the $5 instant off. You will only be able to use 2 doublers per set of 10. So my advice would be to group your items as best you can so that you can double two of the coupons and the rest of the items be items that match up with coupons you can't double, or items that have no coupons attached. So, I would get items with 2 coupons I could double (for example, Bagel Bites...I could buy 4 and use two $1/2 and two doublers) then I would still have 6 items to buy to reach the promo requirement. So I would buy things with coupons that I couldn't double (such as those with a higher than $1 value or those that say DND) like the AirWick products that have $4/1 coupons to match-up with, or I would get items with no coupons attached to them, like the Kraft Pasta Salad or Taco Bell products.

Then on my next transaction I would do the same...get items with two coupons I want to double, for example, Heinz 57 using two $1/1 plus two doublers, then I would still have 8 products to fill to reach the 10 items requirement. I could still get more Heinz 57 with just the $1/1 coupon, or I could get other items like the Jolly Time popcorn, using the $1.50/1 coupons that I couldn't double or the Resolve Carpet Cleaner using the $1.50/1 coupons that I couldn't double and so on.

Just do your best in making your sets of 10 with the goal of maximizing your use of doublers, in turn maximizing your savings! However, if you choose not to mess with all the doublers, then you do not have to do separate transactions for each set of 10 items. It will give you an instant off for every 10 you purchase. You only have to break them down to separate transactions of 10 items if you want to use doublers with each set (which you should!) :)


  1. Do you know if the doublers come in both the Idaho Statesman and the Tribune?

  2. As far as I know, it is only very rarely that one paper will get doublers and the other won't. There was one time recently when there were only doublers in the Statesman, but even those almost got missed, because they weren't attached to the Albies ad, like usual. They were hidden in the the articles on page A13 or something like that. For the most part I believe they both should have them. If you're buying them at the newsstand, then it doesn't hurt to take a peek and check to make sure they're there before you buy a bunch of papers. :)


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