Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Answering a couple of questions...

Anonymous Sierra said...

"So I have a couple of questions #1 I was looking at the preview list and the price that I should be getting is that after I spend the 25 dollars to get 10 dollars on my next trip? #2 on the coupons I printed online what does it mean when it says do not double or triple, can I use more then one of those coupons at the same time?"

Ok, so to answer the first question, the prices posted on the grocerysmarts list are as follows. In the middle column under "sale price," there will be two prices separated by a "/" the price on the left of the "/" is the sale price for that item if you were to buy that and nothing else. This is also the number you use to add up to $25 for your total. The number to the right of the "/" is the sale price if you get the $25 worth of qualifying items after considering in the $10 OYNSO. Then the price on the far right column under "bottom line" is the price you will pay if you do the $25 promo AND use the coupons it lists.

One recommendation I will make here is to group your groups of $25 as close to $25 as possible. You don't want to go over if you don't have to, so don't let it go over more than $2 AT MOST in order to maximize your savings. Then you can do a separate transaction to get your next set of $25 and USE your $10 OYNSO...that too will minimize the amount you spend out of pocket in one trip.

Another tip that I learned last week doing the Kraft promo was that when you put your items on the conveyor belt you need to put them in groups of your $25 (remember to stay as close to $25 as possible and not go over if you can help it) and keep them separated. You don't need to do separate transactions to get the $10 savings, but you do need to keep them separated in order to get each $10 savings you're getting. This is because the cashier must hit "total" after each set of $25, that will generate your $10 OYNSO. She must do this after EACH SET. Then when you're done and pay your coupons will print out of the catalina. DON'T foreget to grab them! Lol.

Ok, so the second question....the "do not double or triple" or "DND" that you see on a coupon just means you can't use a "doubler" along with it. Hopefully that makes sense. :)

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  1. Thanks that really helped! Since I have two of each coupon I want I'm going to just make two trips, I'm not ready to handle getting everything at once then dividing it up at the checkout.


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