Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When to go shopping...

Blogger Martha said...

"When are the best times to shop for these screaming deals? I have been going to Alberstons and Walgreens the most. Walgreens is not as bad as Albertson's but I have gone to the grocery store several times and everything that is on sale is gone. I was pretty confident with only my few coupons and then I get a curb ball, so I ended up having to spend a little bit more money than I was anticipating."

Ok, so this comment was left on one of the posts and I thought I would take a minute to address it. I, too, have run into this problem several times. It is amazing how many coupon moms there are out there and, of course, they're all combing for the same exact deals each week. A store can only carry so much of a certain product, so inevitably, they will run out.

I, personally, always go the first day of the sale. Amazingly, it's very quiet as long as I get there right after it opens. I have everything to choose from and don't have to worry about anything being gone. For Albies, this is Wednesday. Their weekly ad runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. I do not know how often they restock the shelfs, probably at the end of the day. So you might be ok going within the first couple days of the sale, as long as you go early in the morning.

For Walgreens (Wags), their ad runs from Sunday to Saturday. So I have made it a point to hit Wags Sunday morning after I get my newspapers and clip any coupons I may need. However, I have read that some Wags don't get their shipments in until Tuesday, so they are not even fully stocked for the sale until then, so maybe Tuesday would be a good day to go.

My suggestion would be to call the stores and find out what day they get shipments in and plan to go either the first day of the sale or the day of a new shipment. If you're unable to go either of those days, then just go as soon after as you can and remember to keep your fingers crossed that everything you want is still there!

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  1. duh, I dont know why I never thought to asking the clerks or the manager about their shipments before. Thanks!!!


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