Friday, June 26, 2009

Follow me!

Just wanted to tell everyone how much fun I am having doing this blog. I go through my day thinking of all of the things I want to blog about and wish I had more hours in the day to do it! :) However, we all know how hard it is to find time to sit down with three kids in the house! Any way, I am totally excited that so many of you have been posting your comments and really helping to get this blog going.

If you're new to my blog, be sure to go back to the very beginning (Click HERE to go to my very first post) to find out how you can save over 60% on your grocery bill each week! After each post you can then scroll to the bottom, under any comments, and click "newer post" to see the following post and so on.

And to everyone, don't forget to become a "follower" by clicking the little "follow" tab in the right-hand side column (you might have to scroll down a little bit) so that you never miss a new post! I try to update daily with new tips, tricks, deals, or just sharing my latest savings while showing you how to do it too. Or, if you prefer, you can just "subscribe" to my blog by scrolling to the VERY bottom of my page where it says "Subscribe to my page."

Thanks again to everyone for helping me get this blog started and don't forget to share it with your friends and family and let them know that they, too, can save a ton of money by clipping coupons!


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