Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes there ARE other places to shop besides Albies...

Though I absolutely love Albies and it has now become my absolute all-time number 1 preferred place to shop...there are GREAT deals to be found elsewhere also, such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. Unfortunately, GrocerySmarts doesn't seem to have anyone to keep up these other lists, but there are plenty of places to find these deals online. Walgreens deals are posted weekly on just about any coupon-mom type blog out there. I usually use a combination of and to find my deals. However, when the ad comes out in the Sunday paper, I am always sure to look at it myself, also, and see if there are any matchups that haven't been posted or that someone may have missed.

As for Walmart, I usually use to find these deals, but just today my very dear friend Mandy just led me to a new blog site that has even more Walmart deals listed. It seems to be kept very up-to-date as well. It's called hip2save and you can click HERE to check out the current Walmart match-ups. A lot of times Walmart is great for getting travel size items FREE! Keep in mind that you should always double-check the coupon to make sure it doesn't say "excludes trial size." As long as it doesn't say that, you can use it on any travel size item! Just yesterday I scored some Walmart deals...I will update with a picture soon, as I left the ice cream at my dad's house. :)

6 - Starbucks Ice Cream ($2.50 ea, used $2/1 from SS 6/21, making them $.50 ea)
2 - Snuggle Dryer Sheets 40ct (1.87ea, used 2-$1/1 from Group C, making them $.87ea)
2 - NexCare Bandages ($1.50ea, used $1/1 HERE, making them $.50ea)
2 - Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion, travel size ($.97ea, used 2 $1/1 HERE, making them FREE**)

In total for this $23.68 worth of items, I paid $5.74 +tax!

**Note: with the $1/1 on the Vaseline lotion, it actually creates a $.03 overage...make sure you have something else in your transaction to "absorb" it, like a pack of gum or something small. They will not pay you to shop there. Lol)

I have to use this opportunity to stress to you once again to double check your receipts and not be afraid to go back to customer service! When I went to Walmart for these items, I also bought a bunch of other things, so I wasn't really paying attention to the total amount when she rang it up. I just paid and left. Upon leaving, however, the wheels started turning in my head and the amount I paid just didn't seem right. I knew it should have been less. So I got out my receipt and, sure enough, four of my $1 off coupons had not scanned and been taken off the amount! I had overpaid by $4.00! Luckily I realized this within an hour of having shopped, so my coupons were still in the drawer at the cash register. If I had noticed it the following day, the drawer would have been cleared out and there would have been no way to prove that I had used the coupons. Any way, so when I went to customer service and explained my issue, they went to the register, pulled the coupons, and saw that I had indeed overpaid. They refunded me the $4 and I was on my way. :) Coupon shopping is definitely fun, but it also comes with it's complications at times! Lol.

Besides Walmart, Target also has some great deals! This week for example, I went to Target and got all this:

2 - Gillette Fusion Razor
1 - Gillette Bodywash
1 - Gillette Deodorant
5 - Bounty Single Roll Paper towels
4 - Eggo Bakeshop products

Should have cost me $33.91, but I only paid $7.86 ($.08 less than the price of one Gillette Fusion razor, mind you) +tax ( and still have $1.29 left on a Target gift card!

Here's how I did it...

Target Promo=Buy one Gillette Fusion Manual Razor and another participating Gillette item, get a $5 Target gift card.

Transaction #1
Gillette Fusion razor (7.94)
Gillette Deodorant (3.49)
Total: $11.43
I then used 1-$4/1 Gillette Fusion (PG 6/7) and 1-$1/1 Gillette Deodorant (PG 5/17) making my OOP $6.43+tax, plus received a $5 gift card.

Transaction #2
Gillette Fusion razor (7.94)
Gillette Body Wash (3.49)
Total: $11.43
I then used 1-$4/1 Gillette Fusion (PG 6/7) and $1/1 Gillette Body Wash (PG 6/7), plus the $5 gift card from the previous transaction, bringing my OOP to $1.43 +tax, plus received another $5 gift card.

Transaction #3
5 - Bounty single rolls
4 - Eggo Bakeshop products
I then used 5-$.50/1 Bounty (target store coupon from SS 6/21), 5-$.25/1 Bounty (PG 6/7) (remember, you can combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons!), 4-$1/1 Eggo Bakeshop from HERE and HERE, and my $5 from the previous transaction. All of this was FREE (except the $.51 in tax), plus I still have $1.29 left on my gift card!

Thank you Tori at sheshopssmart for this wonderful match-up! This sale ends tomorrow, so if you want to take advantage, hurry to Target!

I will be doing a post all about Walgreens soon, so keep an eye out. But, just remember, different blog sites post different match-ups and different stores' weekly deals, so be sure to find a few of your favorites and subscribe to their RSS feed, so that you'll never miss ANYthing! There are so many great deals to find out there, but they don't find themselves!

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  1. sweet deals, if i had a target out here, i'd be on my way to the store now.. =) im excited that your posting more than just albies!!..
    happy saving!


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