Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just in case... need yet another reason to shop at thing I forgot to mention, for those of you who don't that for every $50 you spend, you earn $.05/gallon off of your gas when you purchase at Albertson's Express! Pretty great, right? But wanna know what's even greater? That $50 is calculated BEFORE any coupons or discounts! That's adds to $50 on the full value of the item. So just to give you an example of how great this is a copy of my receipt showing what my total gas rewards earned was:

Notice where it says my current total gas rewards balance is $.80 off per gallon!? So then, the next time I went to fill up my tank, I had the option of using this reward, which of course I did...and now you can see on my gas receipt that I got my gas for $1.759/gallon! Pretty neat huh?

Just another reason to shop at Albies! Don't forget that even if you go in and just buy a newspaper or a pack of gum...swipe your card! It won't take anything off of your total necessarily, but that amount will go towards your rewards!


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