Thursday, June 11, 2009

What if I don't have all of the coupons called for?

I know that when you first get started out with this, it's frustrating, because GrocerySmarts frequently calls for coupons dating back to way before you started. That was my biggest complaint and frustration when I first started out. There would be so many things on that list that I wanted, but I just didn't have the coupons, because they dated back 2, 3, 4 months! And the first week I bought papers, I only bought three thinking I would start there and see if I really needed more. Well, now I'm wishing I had bought five the very first time, because there's some things I have coupons for but only have 3 instead of 5! Lol. However, slowly but surely, each week I've had more and more of the coupons they call for. My insert crate is filling up more and more and it's getting more and more fun to look forward to the list each week to see what great things I'm going to get. Not to mention that I'm saving more and more money each week!

Another thing to point out...don't forget about the internet printables (IP's)! I've been doing this for a month, and I would say the majority of the coupons I've used have been IP's. They are WONDERFUL! Even this last trip...probably about 75% of my coupons were IP's. So don't forget about those and USE THEM! At least until your coupon stash is bigger. :)


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