Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Sorry I haven't been posting much...been a crazy busy weekend...we got the boys' bunk beds delivered, which also entailed moving the office into our bedroom (which also means my computer is not hooked up at the moment) and giving our old office room to Kennedy. She's officially WAY too big for the bassinet! Of course, she needed a crib, and instead of buying a second, we decided it was time for Ashton to go to a big boy bed! Last night was his first night sleeping there, so let's just say I spent more time getting up out of bed and getting back in than I did sleeping! Lol. Any way, the point being, I haven't posted any blogs the last couple of days due to being busy, but when I saw THIS post on FabulesslyFrugal, I just HAD to take the time to share it with you all. These wonderful ladies are banding together for a really great cause and I thought you might all want to be a part of it...either donating items or just going to the yardsale and spending your hard-earned money knowing that 100% of it is going towards this cause! Go HERE to see for yourself how great these gals are! :)


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