Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Mocha Monday!

Don't forget to stop by McDonald's between 7am and 7pm for your free sample of a hot or iced Mocha today! I got mine last week and it was definitely yummy, not to mention adorable. I had the iced mocha and it was a miniature version of the regular sized one in a little cup with a little lid. It was so cute. Lol. I probably won't get out and about today, as the hubby has the car, but you should definitely go get yours!


  1. i still need to try one of these, maybe next monday ... i still have a couple more mondays to get over there. i went to sonic for a slushy yesterday and their slush machine was down.. how is that even possible..??>.. seriously people. lol

  2. WHA!? That's just wrong...:( Did you go for their $.99 Chiller? I haven't gotten mine yet, either...thanks for reminding me!


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