Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coupons:Item ratio...

I got asked a question today about using coupons and register rewards (RR) at Walgreens.

"I was trying to buy two bottles of shampoo using a coupon for each and two RR the other day in a single transaction. In this case I would have had to add something small to make this a valid transaction, right? Fortunately for me I didn't have time to make it to the store that day. Late that evening I read something along those lines, which made me want to read the fine print on my catalina (which I had not done until this point). Yikes. I don't know if other people are aware of this but I thought it would be a good FYI."

Alright. The RR's at Walgreens (Wags) can be a bit tricky sometimes, and I am still learning myself, because each different website seems to give different info when it comes to this. I have done a few experiments myself to try to get the facts straight, but some things still seem to be hit-or-miss. When it comes to using coupons at Wags, yes, you must have one item in your transaction per coupon you are going to use. THIS INCLUDES MANUFACTURER COUPONS AS WELL AS RR'S! So, in your example, in order to use the two manufacturer coupons, as well as your two RR's, you would have to have FOUR items total in your transaction. One item per coupon. I usually use this as a time to buy a pack of gum if I need it, otherwise just find a $.15 pencil or small piece of candy. Anything cheap to get you to your required number of items. This is known as a "filler" item. This can be particularly difficult when you are using Wags coupons with a manufacturer coupon on the same item. I had one transaction where I had to buy 5-$.35 candies just as fillers, because otherwise I would not have been able to use all of my coupons. It was worth it to do so, however, because the value of my coupons far outweighed the cost of the candy. If you were to go up to the register with your two items and then they scanned your two manufacturer coupons, they would not allow you to pay with your RR's.

Another thing to remember is if you are using RR's to pay for items that will result in more RR's, you CANNOT use an RR from one product to buy another of the same product. This will result in no catalina printing out! I have also had issues with one time buying a RR item, using a manufacturer coupon, and no catalina printing out. When I asked the manager about it, he pulled out a little sign they have posted in various places in the store that states that you cannot combine a coupon with RR. He said that most of the time it still works though, but occasionally it won't. He didn't have any insight as to what might trigger it not to work one time but to work another time. Who knows?

Hopefully that answers any questions you had about using RR's. The last pointer I will give you when it comes to using RR's effectively and getting the most for your money, is to always be "rolling" them if you can. Meaning, using RR's to buy more RR products, each time rolling over your RR from previous purchases on new purchases that will result in RR's. I am STILL rolling over RR's from a couple of blow-dryers I bought a few weeks ago! I just continue to use them to buy more products that trigger RR's each week. I usually only wind up paying tax at most at Wag's! It makes for some REALLY GREAT deals!

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