Thursday, July 16, 2009

Electrasol Tabs only $1.06 for 20pk at Walmart!

I'm sure you know about the great price on the Electrasol/Finish tabs, gelpacks, and quantum tabs at Walmart. I went today to get mine, thinking they were probably out by now...but was pleasantly surprised to find that they still had a TON! So go get yours today! I've always been a Cascade user, but for this was worth stocking up on! Don't let that high value $2.50/1 coupon go to waste!

These are $3.56/ea at Walmart, but with the $2.50/1 (SS 7/12) they are only $1.06/ea! I got 7, so what should have cost me $24.92 only cost me $7.42. :) If there's 20 in each box, that makes it only $.05/wash! Sweet! :)


  1. I finally used my Electrosol & Kool Aid coupons. Yay! I love these easy deals.


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