Thursday, July 16, 2009

Albies 7/16

Man...we've had so many doublers the last couple of weeks, I'm almost looking for a break! Ok, not really, but's hard to pass up deals when you're armed with a bunch of doublers, isn't it? Any way, here is my trip from today. Once again, not much on the list that excited me, considering this is the SAME darn sale practically for about the 4th week in a row! :( Oh well...I loaded up on Snapple, so I'm a happy camper...

6 - Snapple Tea 6pk ($2.50/ea)
2 - Snapple Tea 12pk ($2.00/ea)
12 - Powerade Zero ($.59/ea)
2 - Dole Pineapple ($1.00/ea)
2 - Reser's Dips (FREE)
2 - Albertson's shredded parmesan ($1.00/ea)
2 - Flavor-pak frozen stir-fry veggies ($1.00/ea)
1 - Homelife Napkins ($1.00)
Country Style Ribs, bone-in ($1.00/lb, reg $3.49/lb!) I got just over 8lbs total

Total for these items: $136.67
I paid: $38.54
Savings: $94.13 or 69%!

I did this in 3 transactions (would have been 4, but my absolute favorite cashier at my Albies always let's me use more than one set of doublers in one transaction...shhh...;) And don't worry...I didn't clean the store out of Snapple...I took one of ea of a lot of the different flavors, but DID take the last two peach teas they had (that's my fave)...probably would have gotten more, but they were out. Now I'm going to try the diet peach tea...hmm...wonder if it's as good....?

Transaction #1:
2 - Dole Pineapple
1 - Homelife napkins
2 - Snapple 6pks (instant save $2 WYB 2)
12 - Powerade Zero
2 - Parmesan cheese 8oz
1 - Reser's Dip
2 - Stir fry veggies
8lbs Ribs

Total: $31.15 after discounts
I used 2-$.75/1 Snapple 6pk (peelie stuck to the carton), 1-$1/1 Reser's product printable, and 3 doublers, making my OOP $27.25

2 - Snapple 6pk (instant save $2 WYB 2)
1 - Reser's Dip

Total: $9 after discounts
I used 2-$.75/1 Snapple peelies, 1-$1/1 Reser's, and 3 doublers, making my OOP $4.50

2 - Snapple 6pk (instant save $2 WYB 2)
2 - Snapple 12pk (instant save $2 WYB 2)

Total: $16 after discounts
I used 2-$.75/1 peelies for the 6pks, 2-$1/1 peelies for the 12pks (stuck to the case), and 4 doublers, making my OOP $11.00

Not as big of a savings as usual, but considering I bought quite a few things that I didn't have coupons for, but were still a great price, it's still pretty good! I got to stock up on my favorite drink, and also some drinks for my husband for when he walks his TEN MILES A DAY! (Yes, he really does. He hasn't missed a day in July, YET!) So, there ya go! That's it for me for the week, other than I have to figure out a way to use 5 more doublers...more Snapple perhaps? ;) Lol.


  1. I didn't see the listing for the Lipton tea... How much did you pay and what coupons did you use? I LOVE that stuff and didn't notice it on sale.

  2. Well, funny you should mention it...I actually grabbed those by mistake and didn't realize it until I was doing my totals. When I rang up at the register, the cashier and I couldn't figure out why I didn't get the $2 discount for the Snapple so she wound up just manually putting it in. Lol. Sooo...I wound up going in and exchanging them for the 12pk Snapple and got refunded $4. (The Lipton Tea was $6.99, not on sale, but there was a peelie on it plus I used a doubler, so really it wound up being $4.99. So yeah...there's my mess-up of the day! Lol. I'm always doing something silly like this. Grrr...:-P


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