Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone is enjoying their fourth of July weekend! We aren't doing too much...just bought a little swimming pool and a slip n' slide for the kiddos and they've been playing all afternoon out there...we broke down and bought ourselves a grill...and tonight we're just doing some fireworks in the driveway. :) I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys whatever it is you are choosing to do to celebrate this wonderful day...

In case you haven't heard or read, even though USUALLY there are no inserts on holiday weekends, there WILL be one tomorrow! Proctor & Gamble (PG) is putting out their first quarterly insert. Though, it is unclear if this means they will be doing a quarterly insert in addition to, or instead of their currently once monthly insert. Anywho...look for a PG insert in tomorows paper and possibly MORE doublers! I didn't do my weekly shopping on Wednesday like I usually do, partly because there just WASN'T that much that interested me, but also because I was holding out hope of more doublers in the Sunday paper so as to score some neat deals. :) We'll find out tomorrow! Again, happy 4th!

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  1. happy 4th of july to you too.. i wish i would have been swimming that day... it was freakin hot.. i was roasting at the races in the sun on bleachers for 7 hours... i would have rather been home.


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