Sunday, July 5, 2009

Albies trip 7/05--DOUBLERS!

By now, you have probably gotten your papers and noticed three Albies doublers in there! I didn't do my weekly shopping on Wednesday, as I was desperately hoping for some doublers to make the deals even more sweet. :) Sure enough, they were there! So I walked out today with tons of FREE or at least ALMOST FREE stuff...There's some great doubler match-ups this week...of course, once again, it took a lot of transactions since I was using doublers, but totally worth it! Luckily I was the ONLY coupon mom in the store this morning for the first time EVER...couldn't believe it. It was really dead, so I was able to do three transactions per visit to the cash register, which helped cut down a little time. :) Here's my loot...

So...the grand total for all of these items that this SHOULD HAVE cost me is $121.11. I paid $22.03 (after taking into account the corrections I will get made) That's a savings of $99.08, or 82%! Have fun with your doublers! Remember that they expire Tuesday! :) The following is my breakdown...

3-Wishbone Bountifuls (FREE)
3-Lipton Soup Mix ($1.00/ea)
6-Nabisco Oreos ($2.50/ea--another of my wonderful mess-ups! Totally didn't realize somehow that this required the in-ad coupon to make them $1.88/ea. I was just looking and couldn't figure out why they rang up for $2.50 ea instead of $1.88. Well, now I know. I'll have to get that fixed
5-Sylvian Lightbulbs ($.79/ea)
1 - 10lb Russet Potatoes ($1.99)

I used 3-$1/1 Wishbone Bountifuls, plus 3 doublers, making my OOP $21.94, but should have been $18.22 without my mistake. However, I will get this corrected.

3 - Kraft BBQ Sauce (FREE)

I used 3-$.50/1 Kraft BBQ (SS 6/14) plus 3 doulbers, making my OOP $0.00 (FREE)

3 - Kotex Lightdays Liners (FREE)
1 - Always Infinity Pads (FREE)

I used 3-$.75/1 Kotex (SS 6/14) plus two doublers, and I used my FREE Always Infinity coupon I received in the mail this last week. So my OOP, again, was $0.00. :)

1 - Chinet Comfort Cups ($.50)
1 - Chinet Casuals Paper Plates ($.50)
1 - Chinet Crystal Cups ($.29)

I used 3-$1/1 Chinet coupons (SS 6/28), plus 3 doublers, making my OOP $1.29

2 - Nalley Pickles 46oz jar ($.50/ea)
1 - Kraft BBQ Sauce (FREE)

I used 2-$1/1 Nalley (SS 6/28), 1-$.50/1 Kraft BBQ (SS 6/14), plus 3 doublers, making my OOP $1.00 (but I actually only paid $.50 because she accidently made all three of my doubler coupon amounts $1.00, when one of them was only supposed to be $.50. I just noticed that...oops)

2 - Wishbone Bountifuls (FREE)
1 - Kraft BBQ (FREE)

Used 2-$1/1 Wishbone, 1-$.50/1 Kraft, plus 3 doublers, making my OOP $0.00

6 - Nesquik Flavored Milk Singles (FREE)

I used 3-$1/2 Nesquik (RP 6/21), plus 3 doublers, making my OOP $0.00

2 - Nesquik Milk Singles (FREE)
1 - Darigold Sour Cream ($.70)
1 - Snyder's Flavored Pretzel pieces (FREE)

I used 1-$1/2 Nesquik (RP 6/21), 1-$.40/1 Darigold (SS 6/7), 1-$1/1 Snyder's (SS 5/17), plus 3 doublers, making my OOP $.70

2 - Gallon Shopper's Value Milk ($.89ea, should have been $.49, but I'm now noticing that they rung up for $2.39, instead of the advertised $1.99. Guess I'll have to have that fixed when I go in Wednesday...hmm..)
I used 2-$.75 any milk printable HERE, and two doublers, making my OOP $1.78

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