Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have a dog? Want 10 cans of free dog food?

I have 10 coupons for 1 FREE 5.5oz can of Purina Mighty Dog, any variety. I do not have a pet, so thought I would offer them to anyone with a dog who might want these..if not, I'm thinking I will just go get these and donate them to the shelter...4 of them expire on 8/4 and the other 6 exp on 9/14. If you want them just leave a comment or email me by clicking the "email me" button on the right hand side. :) If I don't hear from anyone by 8/04, I'll be going and using them myself...


  1. Ok, great! Just email me here or on myspace and let me know your address of where to send them! :)


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