Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School Supply Shopping at Shopko...

Alright, so if you have a school-age child (or even if you don't, but want some supplies for whatever reason) this is a great week to head to Shopko! I got ALL of these items pictured here for $9.10! The 20 pk markers pictured here are $3.16 alone at Walmart (I checked this morning)

18 - Spiral notebooks ($.10/ea)
2 - 5" scissors ($.99/ea)
4 - Elmer's glue ($.20/ea)
4 - 24ct Crayola Crayons ($.20/ea)
2 - Crayola SuperTips washable markers ($1.29/ea)
1 - Pencil Box ($.50)

I try to just buy whatever is at the best price each week for school supplies, and I am curious to see how much in total I spend on the supplies I actually send my son to school with. So far, he will take 1 glue, 1 box of crayons, the pencil box, and 1 scissors, which comes to $1.89. I KNOW I still have quite a few more things to get, but I'll wait until they're at a price I WANT to pay. :)


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