Monday, July 20, 2009


If you haven't signed up for a newspaper subscription yet, do it NOW!!! I had been putting it off and putting it off, but with THIS deal that athriftymom just posted, is TOOOOO good to pass up! I just got off the phone signing up a minute ago. There are two different deals you can do...

First Choice:

1) 7-day subscription
(4) Sunday Only subscriptions
For a total of 5 Sunday papers ( those are the ones with with coupons in them)
All home delivered for a total of 5 Sunday papers for only $3.00 per week, or $12.00 per month (4 weeks). That means you will get 11 papers a week for $3.00, that is about .28 cents a paper. Newsstand price for one Idaho Statesman Sunday paper is $2.00!! So this is a fantastic deal home delivered.

Second Choice:

You can forgo the 7-day subsciption and do the Sunday only with a minimum sign-up of 4 papers for $.50/ea, so you could get SIX Sunday papers for the same $3/week or $12/mo! This is WAY better than even the Press-Tribune deal!

For both of these you can sign up for the 13, 26, or 52-week increments. If you're able, I would TOTALLY recommend going for the 52-week and locking in this price for a whole year! Once the subscription is up, you have to renew at whatever the current rate is!

I went with the second choice and chose to get 6 Sunday I will be getting 6 Idaho Statesmans EVERY Sunday for less than I was paying at the newsstand for the Press-Tribune AND they'll be delivered right to my door! And don't forget, once you are subscribed, if your paper is ever missing an insert, just call them that morning and they'll redeliver it to your door later in the day! How great is that!? No more getting home to realize someone stole your inserts or doublers. :)

If you want to sign up, call 377-NEWS(6397) and tell them you want the "athriftymom" special offer!

I hope you all take advantage of this GREAT deal, not sure how long it will last! Thanks to
athriftymom for scoring this for us!!!

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  1. thats freakin awesome.. im totally jealous.. where is oregons paper deal.. seriously?


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