Monday, July 20, 2009

A little shoutout...

After I score really great deals, I love to share them with my husband, just to show him that all of my dedication pays off. He is always so amazed! The other night, he even made asked me "aren't you proud of yourself? You should be." It got me thinking that, yes, I AM proud of myself. Proud of myself for working so hard to learn all of the tips and tricks that I can. Proud of myself for working so hard to do the very best that I'm capable of. Proud of myself for saving my family so much money. Proud of myself for being able to provide my family with meals, even spur-of-the-moment, without having to run to the store. There are many things I proud of myself for as I've begun these coupon adventures, but I have also come to realize how truly thankful I am for all of the people who have helped to teach me how to use this system and those who come up with all of the great deals every week and share them with us. So, I thought I would take some time ot shout out some BIG thank-yous to the ones I have come to appreciate...

First of all...THANK YOU to PYP and GrocerySmarts! All of the wonderful people who put together the shopping lists, EVERY WEEK, and who take the time to scour the web for printable coupons and all of the other many wonderful things they do. I am constantly using the forums, the lists, the tutorials (including videos), and we all just know this all wouldn't be possible without them.

THANK YOU to fabulesslyfrugal!! They always have great, useful information EACH WEEK about the latest and greatest deals. They also have some great tips and match-ups. I check this blog numerous times a day and just absolutely love it. They have great contests and giveaways, too! They are also some gals with some really big HERE to read about (and possibly become a part of) their great fundraiser coming August 1st.

THANK YOU to athrifymom!! Another blog that I check daily for her great match-ups and I love reading about her thrifty shopping trips and getting ideas for my own trips. I also love that she gets everyone great deals on newspaper subsciptions (if you haven't gotten yours yet, click HERE for more info) and that she works with her local Albies to get even more great deals for us coupon ladies. Unfortunately, that store is a bit far for me, as I'm in Nampa, but I still think it's great that she does that. If you live in Caldwell, you can definitely take advantage of the great things I've heard about the Caldwell Stadium Albies.

THANK YOU to sheshopssmart!! I abolutely love her tutorials! She is not in my local area, so a lot of her deals do not apply to me, but I still love reading her blog. She has great, easy instructions. I also love her weekly menu plans, weekly show-and-tells, and ideas for freezing and using different foods. There is definitely a ton to be learned by reading her blog!

THANK YOU to hip2save!! This is where I find a lot of the freebies and money-makers each week. I check this blog daily, also, so as not to miss ANYthing! She also has some great match-ups each week...

So there ya go! If you haven't checked out these blogs yet, you definitely should. They have great wisdom and info to share! Thanks to all of you for all that you do!


  1. that was very nice.. shout outs are always nice!!.. those are some of my fave blogs.. love them =)

  2. Well, there are so many more blogs out that that we all use so much...but these are just the main ones that I am always sure to check daily. I just don't know what we would do without all these wonderful people! Oh wait...I know EXACTLY what we would do...spend WAY too much money! :)

  3. And we always look forward to your comment too! WE LOVE OUR READERS!

    ps. Your blog is darling!


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