Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last of my Albies shopping for the week...

I wound up going to Albies ONE more time...I just couldn't let some of the stuff pass me by...especially with all the corresponding coupons we got in the paper on Sunday! I went and did 4 more transactions...

Transaction #1
2 - Cheerios snack mix
6 - Betty Crocker fruit snacks
6 - Nut Clusters
Total for promo: $30.00
Used 6-$1/1 Nut Clusters, 2-$.50/1 Cheerios Mix, 6-$.40/1 fruit snacks, making my OOP $19.94, but earned $15 in OYNSO.

3 - Hamburger Helper
3 - Cheerios Snack mix
2 - Fruit Snacks
10 - Suave Kids Shampoo (no, I didn't clear the shelf! There were TONS and I made sure to take a few of each kind. They STILL didn't have any of the detangler, so I never did get to get any. Booo...)
Total for promo: $30.17
Used 5-$.50/2 Suave, 1-$.75/3 Hamburger Helper, 3-$.50/1 Cheerios, 1-$.50/2 Fruit Snacks, plus used my $15 in cats from previous transacti0n, making my OOP $9.42 and I received $15 more in OYNSO.

6 - Macaroni Grill Dinner Kits
3 - Betty Crocker Warm Delights
2 - Betty Crocker fruit snacks
Total for promo: $30.00
Used 6-$1/1 Macaroni Grill, 3-$.50/1 Warm Delights, 1-$.50/2 fruit snacks, and my $15 in OYNSO, making my OOP $7.01 and I received another $15 OYNSO.

Just over 3lbs of boneless pork chops (BOGO)
6 - Tyson frozen chicken strips (they were out of beef)
4 - Oscar Meyer lunchables
Used 6-$1/1 Tyson and my $15 in cats, making my OOP $1.83.

All in all, I spent $38.20 for $194.64 worth of groceries. So...for this AWESOME sale Albies had this week, I got $1000.15 worth of groceries! I only paid $121.98. That's a savings of $878.17 or 88%!!! So exciting! Thankfully this week at Albies will be a bit less hectic. I'll go get my $25 worth of free groceries and a few other odds and end things, but other than that, I think I'll spend my time doing some Walgreens and RiteAid shopping. Fred Meyer actually has some great prices on produce this week, also! Who knows...maybe I'll just take a break. (yeah, right...like I know how to do that! Lol) Anyway, hope you all had a successful week shopping (and saving)!


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