Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meal Planning...

This is something I have SOOO much desire to do, but have not yet done. My stockpile of food is growing so fast and it's so easy to forget what we even have in there! I love the idea of making meal plans according to what is on sale that week, and also with what you already have. I've posted it before, but if you haven't read it yet, you need to check out sheshopssmart and her tips, reasons, and ideas for meal planning (click HERE to read her post). I think for starters I might try to follow her weekly meal plans as a basic guideline. Just make adjustments and minor changes where needed...try to ease into things. Lol. I just think it would be great to have my meal plan all written down and posted on the fridge for the week and just KNOW ahead of time what I will be preparing and eliminate all of the "Mom, what's for dinner?'s" and even more importantly, the "um...I don't know yet" answers. I LOVE cooking, and it has kind of taken a backseat while I have spent time focusing on building my stockpile and on taking advantage of every deal I can. It's finally getting to the point, though, that my stockpile is pretty decent and there is no reason why I can't start to cut down a little bit, and start truly reaping all of the benefits!

So, I plan to start posting weekly meal plans soon...I will probably pick a day of the week, like Tuesday since that is the day before my shopping day, and will post my meal plan for the following week. I can't wait to try this new system. My goal will be to do my first meal plan post next Tuesday! :) (*crosses fingers*)


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