Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Print now before they're gone!

On the first of the month every month, releases they're new coupons! The plus side, of course, is that you have a bunch of new coupons and also that some of the coupons that you already reached the print limit on will be reset, so you can print them AGAIN! The downside is that this also means some of the coupons from the previous month are GONE! So, go head over to (HERE) and print any coupons that you want before they may be gone forever!

Today or tomorrow the coupons will be reset and you'll want to get on and print any of the high-value coupons that you want right away, because they tend to have low print-limits that are reached quickly and when that happens, they're gone!

When I first got into couponing, I made the mistake of printing off ALL of the coupons I wanted at the beginning of the month, then wound up using about a third of them. Lol. What a waste. Generally, the coupons you print from expire one month from the print date (this is not ALWAYS the case, though, and you sometimes get longer validity dates) so if you print every single coupon the first day, then if a sale corresponding with that coupon comes, but it doesn't start until the first day of the next you can't use that coupon. Most coupons, you can wait until the week of a sale and print them with no problems, it's just the higher value coupons that you want to print right away before they reach their limit.

Also, don't forget that you can print each coupon TWICE! So, after printing, do it again!

Before printing internet coupons, be sure to set your printer settings to black and white and low quality! Don't use your expensive color ink! I have never had a problem at any store using black and white IPs.

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