Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SC Johnson's awesome $5 rebate! case you didn't know...SC Johnson has put out an AWESOME rebate offer that doesn't expire until JULY OF NEXT YEAR!! (Must be postmarked by 7/15/10) The other amazing thing about this rebate is that there is no limit of one rebate per household! Nope. Not even a limit of two per household. Yep. Three. You can submit THREE rebates! How cool is that?

Get $5 back by mail when you purchase ANY 3 SC Johnson Products, including:

• Ziploc®
• Glade®
• Windex®
• Scrubbing Bubbles®
• Pledge®
• Shout®
• Fantastik®
• Drano®
• Raid®
• Off®
• Saran™
• Nature’s Source™

Of course, go figure that the beginning date that the products must be purchased in would be tomorrow. So, unfortunately, none of the items you've bought in the last few weeks will count. Bummer! That would have been AWESOME! But, again, you have almost a year to take advantage of it, so we all know that there will be some great deals to make this puppy a money-maker! Go HERE to print your rebate form. (I keep these forms in a sleeve in the back of my coupon binder so that I can keep track of all rebates. I have a sleeve for rebates yet to be submitted and a sleeve for those that I've submitted and am awaiting my rebate checks.)

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  1. good to know... thats what my binder is missin.. a place for that will be a ton easier to keep track of now..


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