Thursday, October 15, 2009


It was funny one day a few weeks back when I was at Albies doing my shopping and saw a guy walking around pushing a cart...with his coupon binder laid neatly so across the seat section. I immediately text my husband saying "now I've seen it all!" Since then I've come across it a couple of shopping with their coupons. Just this last week I passed along a few extra oatmeal coupons I had to a gentleman with a stack of coupons. He was very grateful and I just had to chuckle. So, today when I hopped on KrazyCouponLady, I had to chuckle a little when I saw THIS post! She got an email from a guy who noticed that she always said "coupon ladies" and was wanting to let her know that he was a guy who followed her blog. Well, she decided to do a roll-call for any and all men who use coupons and follow her blog and asked them to leave a comment. So far she has like 35 comments! Lol. Crazy, huh? So, if you get a chance go HERE and check it out and be sure to read the comments. It's kind of funny to get a guy's perspective. One guy mentions how his wife and kids laugh at the fact that he sits and clips coupons as he watches football! (Now I know how to put my husband to use during those three to four hours!) :) Just kidding, Honey! Lol.

Just had to pass this along!


  1. That is too funny! I am honestly suprised that more guys dont do it. They are the ones that are always stressing about how much we spend right? lol.

  2. That's true...usually. Not in my house though! I'm most definitely the penny pincher and he's definitely the spender!

  3. lol. thats what i caught my husband doin one morning when i slept in, he was drinkin coffee watching football and clippin coupons for me!!.. he's the best!! =)


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