Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Disney's Snow White Diamond Edition...

Ok, so you've been seeing all of the posts out there about where to get the Snow White Diamond Edition the cheapest, coupons to use, rebates to send in...etc. Well, here is your step-by-step instructions on getting the best bang for your buck! Purchase the following items at Walmart:

Buy Snow White Diamond Edition (blu-ray/dvd combo) - $19.96
Buy one Hefty Soak proof 50ct plates - $1.97
Buy two Kernel Season's Popcorn seasonings - $3.74 ($1.87 each)

Total: $25.67

Use $10.00 Snow White dvd coupon here: IE or FF (you can print it twice from each computer)

OOP: $15.67

Submit for $5 rebate HERE


Submit for ANOTHER $5 rebate HERE!

Get back $10!

You just got all of the above items for only $5.67!! Pretty awesome, huh? These are two totally separate rebates, and the second one accepts photocopies of a receipt, so you can submit for both! Just make a copy of your receipt (or if you do not have access to a copier, request a second receipt at checkout) and send your original in with the Hefty rebate and the copy in with the Kernel Season's rebate! One thing to note is that when I went to my Walmart, the displays showed the movie priced at $24.95, however, it DID ring up at the $19.96 price! Walmart usually only has the lower price on movies for the first day or two, so you will want to go today if possible or tomorrow should be ok? The coupon for the movie does expire on the 10th, so you will definitely want to get it by then! You may have to pay the full $24.95, but you will still get a great deal by using the coupon and doing the rebates. Hope this helps!

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  1. you know taylor and i just made popcorn and put that seasoning stuff on it.. yummy!!.. totally worth it!.. =)


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