Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walgreen's trips

I did the first photo's items in two separate transactions and the second photo's items in it's own transaction. The total for all of the items you see above should have come to $86.39. Bet you can't guess how much I paid...
I paid $3.08! AND that's not all! I also received $26 back in RR's from the first photo's items and $11.50 in RR's from the second. I simply used RR's from last week to pay for items from this week...I did purchase these items from three different Walgreen's on two different days. I also used RR's from the first purchase to pay for items in the second and from the second to pay for the third. Remember that you can roll RR's to pay for items that will generate more RR's, just not the same item. You CAN buy the item, but another RR will not print. For this week's Walreen's deals, go to my previous post, HERE. If you're new to Walgreen's shopping and want to learn more, click HERE to go to my Walgreen's 101 page. Walgreen's ROCKS!


  1. go you!!.. i already read bout this on tracys post on facebook...lol. hahahahaha. that is so awesome.. you certainly kno what your doin!!>. what would we do without coupons now!! how did we survive..

  2. What does RR mean and where do you find them?

  3. If you look at the bottom of this post there is a link to my Walgreens 101 page that should answer any and all questions that you have about Walgreens. If you still need help, then feel free to ask!

    As for RR's...RR stands for Register Rewards. They are a skinny little "coupon" that prints out at the register AFTER you pay for your items at Walgreens. Once you receive them, you can use them, same as cash, on most anything in the store (limitations are stated on the coupon)!


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