Thursday, October 15, 2009

I got mine!

So, today I went to Walmart and got my Playskool toys (I posted the deal in the previous post below) They were completely out at Fred Meyer when I went yesterday :( . Walmart still had quite a few. I got two of each and what should have cost me $87.96, only cost me $23.96! Now Kennedy has two of her Christmas presents out of the way and I have an extra of each for birthday/baby shower/Xmas/etc gifts in the coming months!

The total for all of the above items should have cost me $142.99! As if I would ever pay that! Lol. I only paid $36.37! The Glade Reed Diffusers and 3-wick candles, which are regularly priced at $7.77, are on rollback for $4.50, plus I used the $3/1 coupon we got in SS 10/4. I will ALSO submit for one of the SC Johnson $5 rebates! If I had done this smartly, I would have bought the diffusers and candles in two separate transactions so that I could submit twice (there is a limit of, not 1, but THREE rebates). I wasn't I got them all on one. I don't THINK I can submit twice within the same receipt, but I'll have to look into that. If I can, then that would mean I would get $10 back and turn this into a $5.50 money-maker! I'll still be making $.50 though!

The Snuggle sheets were $1.87 ea and I bought two and used two $1/1 IP from to get these for $.87 ea. The liquid softener was $4.67 and I used the $3/1 from SS 10/4.

Didn't do too bad!


  1. i got mine today!!!... merry xmas jackson!!.. and i also did price match at wallys.

  2. I got mine today at walmart too!


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