Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hidden coupons

Do you ever purchase the little snack bags by TGI Fridays? If so, you may have been overlooking some great coupons! I don't personally buy these, but my dad bought one from work the other day out of the vending machine and happened to notice that there was a $5 off $15 purchase coupon printed on the back of the bag! I thought that was pretty cool and something I NEVER would have noticed. (No, unfortunately, I am one of those people who NEVER looks at food labels. I'll eat just about anything and everything, even if it's not so good for me. :-/ Lol) Any way, so if you happen to ever get one of these, make sure to check the back of the bag so that you don't accidentally throw away a great coupon! :)

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  1. i learn to always check over a box or package before i throw it in the trash... inside the cardboard that the fruit cups come in, there is almost always a coupon printed inside.. and sometimes inside cereal boxes... i have even had coupons fall out of a package of string cheese... or lunchables... so keep those in mind too... oh and yogurt boxes too..


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