Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stacking coupons...

First of all, I just have to say that when at a store, do NOT just throw away those silly little coupons that print out after your receipt sometimes. On a recent trip to Target I was able to score a $5 off any 12.5 or 23.4oz Enfamil Premium powder formula coupon. Now, THAT in and of itself is great, but the even cooler thing about this coupon is that it is a Target store coupon, which means it can be stacked!

The term "stacking" refers to using a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on the same item in a purchase in order to save even more money. Now, if you can, then, pair those coupons with an item that is on SALE, you will really maximize your savings! So, in the pic below you can see my $5 off catalina coupon that printed out on a recent Target shopping trip. Below it is a manufacturer coupon for $5 off that I printed from HERE.

I can now go to Target and use BOTH coupons on the same item to get $10 off a can of formula! How awesome is that? The coupons don't expire until 12/21 and 12/31, so I have a few weeks to see if this item will go on sale at Target. I do not have to rush out to buy it, which is good because I might be able to save myself another $1-$2 by being patient. They are regularly priced at about $14, so if they go on sale for $12 or $13, I will pay only $2-$3 for a 12.5oz can of formula. We ALL know how expensive this stuff is!

I just wanted to show you another way to maximize savings. I also wanted to remind you to be conscious of those little coupons that print out. Before I started couponing, I used to just throw them away! Yikes! I can't even imagine ever going back to my old ways...

Oh, and don't forget to go print your $5/1 Enfamil coupon HERE. After printing, be sure to click your browser's back button three times to print it a second time! If you don't have a baby who drinks formula, consider printing it off for someone you know who does! These coupons don't come around often, and with the high price of formula, I'm sure they would be very appreciative!

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  1. you know what.. i got this coupon on my reciept last week... and i didnt realize that it was a target coupon that could be stacked with a MF.. thats awesome... i always buy the 23.4 oz cuz jackson can kill it within a week, week and a half... lol. its usually bout $24 rounded.. it use to be more.. and then i always have a $5 off.. so i pay $ so to get $10 off thats a pretty sweet deal, im goin to have to do that, as lately i have been buyine 2 at a time, just so it saves us a trip to the store every other week!!!... your awesome!!..
    and your right, we who do have to pay for formula really do appreciate it.. when offered a coupon someone can get and not use... so if you know of anyone.. let them kno i would be more than willing to take it off of their hands for them =)


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