Sunday, November 15, 2009

Go see A Christmas Carol in 3D for FREE!

Last night when we were at Walmart, my husband alerted me to a really awesome deal! It's funny when your husband says "Hey, babe! You HAVE to blog about THIS!" :) I guess he's crossing over to the thrifty side. Haha!

Any way, so, at Walmart they have a few select dvd's and blu-ray movies with a coupon for a FREE (up to $12) movie ticket to go see "A Christmas Carol" in 3D! I am not sure of what all of the titles are, but there are several different Disney movies. We wound up picking up Wall-e and National Treasure on blu-ray. Each were $19.99, but each of them had a $12 movie ticket coupon on it! I think the 3D movies at our theatre are $13 or something like that, so we may have to make the difference, but I thought that was still a great deal!

However, you can make your deal even BETTER if you are able to print THIS coupon for $5 ANY Disney blu-ray movie. I was unable to get it to print. I tried and it said that I had already printed the coupon the allowed number of times, even though I hadn't printed it at all. A reader said that she tried to print it and got a really long "Please wait..." message. When that happens, I generally find that if I switch browsers it works just fine. For example, if I'm working in Firefox I'll switch to Internet Explorer or vice versa. Sometimes it is a link for one or the other and will not work inside the opposite browser. Has anyone else had any luck printing it?

If you ARE able to print it (and don't forget to try hitting your browser's back button three times to possibly be able to print it twice!) then you could wind up using two and paying only $29.98 for TWO Disney blu-ray movies and TWO 3D movie tickets!

Thanks Babe! :)


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