Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sara Lee promo update...

Looks like Albertson's has decided to mandate a policy where you can only use one of each coupon in the promo transaction I told you about HERE. Your transaction will look like this:

Buy 2 Sara Lee pies - $6.29 (Buy one get one free)
Get 2 Breyers Ice creams FREE
Use $1/1 Sara Lee HERE
Use $.75/1 Breyers (RP 10/14)
Pay $4.54 for all four items! STILL A GREAT DEAL!

It is reported that the pie and ice cream is selling out quickly (as was expected), but don't forget that you can always get a RAINCHECK! Albertson's is wonderful about issuing rainchecks. I just got some last night for the Danimals drinks/crush cups and a few other things that they were out of at my store. The promo was ending and I didn't want to miss out on some great deals just because they were out, so I put in a raincheck. Now, I have 30 days to go back in and get those items for the same sale price they were on for this last week's sale.

A couple of things to keep in mind when getting a raincheck...are your coupons going to expire before you get a chance to come back and get the item? If you are wanting to buy a particular product that they are out of, yet your coupon expires tomorrow, there is no point in getting a rain check if the product will not be in before your coupon expires.

Also, a raincheck is good for the sale price of the item, but NOT for any catalina deals that go along with it. So, if the only reason that particular item is a good deal is because if you buy 4 of them you get a $5 OYNSO, then coming back after the catalina expires will do you no good, as they will not honor that catalina. Also, the items I got a raincheck for, in my opinion, were only good deals if I am able to use a doubler with them. Therefore, I will wait until a week where we have doublers to go back in and use my raincheck and coupons, assuming that my coupons will not expire before I get the chance.

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  1. They let me use 2 of the Sara Lee coupons but i think she was really just not paying attention :) lucky for me :) i didn't have any of the Breyer's coupons though but i got the $2 off so i got it all for $4.29 :) yummy!!


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