Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Print any coupons you want before they're gone!

Don't forget that at the beginning of each month (and many of the other online coupon sites) reset their coupons! That means that some of the coupons you've already printed this month will be available again, but it also means that some of the coupons available right now will not be available anymore. So, if there are any that you want, print them now before they're gone. Then, if you want more and they are still available after the new month starts, you'll be able to print them again! Don't forget that if you print your coupons here from my coupon bar (at the top of the page) you help support this site! :)

Wondering why you should support this site? Well, I have decided that the earnings I get through this site will be used to sponsor giveaways! I am very close to being able to do my first giveaway. It will be small, but I still can't wait and it should be fun! :) So get to printing! ;)


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