Monday, January 11, 2010

Michael's trip 1/10

So, yesterday was the last day to use the great 20% off entire purchase coupon, so I headed down to see what I could find. I really didn't wind up getting much, but found a few great buys I thought were worth getting.

Sorry the lighting is pretty bad in the picture, but I found a really cute basket for Kennedy's room (reg. 9.99) on sale for 40% off, making it $5.99. The tree in the back is actually really pretty, but you can hardly see it. It's very heavy and it's just gorgeous. It was regularly $24.99, but it was marked down to just $4.99! The gold chest on the right is also very pretty and very heavy duty. Not just a flimsy little thing. It was regularly $10.99, marked down to just $2.19 on clearance. The silver tray (also not flimsy and very pretty with rhinestones along the edges) retailed for 10.49 and was marked down to $2.19 also. The beaded garland was regularly $3.99 for each set (I got two), but was marked down to just $.79 ea. I grabbed the last can of spray snow (reg. 1.99) for just $.59.
Total: $17.53 I then used the 20% off coupon to make my OOP just $14.01. Not bad for $66.43 worth of stuff!

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  1. NICE!!!!... Im goin to have to take advantage of that when im in idaho.. my michaels of course is far away in the tri cities, and i can never get there before the coupon expires...!!.. last time i was there i used my coupon on Jax's baby boy scrapbook kit... which was a $30 kit on sale for 19.99... with an additional 50% off the scrapbooks, and then with my 20% off.. i got it for less than $10... i was stoked.. now i could really use some baby boy scrapbook stuf.. lol.


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