Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walmart Clearance

Be sure to check out the clearance section in your local Walmart! Usually they have a big section in the lawn & garden department, but other clearance items can be found throughout the store. Here are just a few of the great toy deals I saw when I was there Sunday...(sorry the pictures aren't that great, I was just taking them with my phone)

Power Rangers RPM High Octane Megazord, was $24.86, now $6.22 (this was a pretty BIG figure!)

Transformers animated Shadow Blade Megatron, was $39.97, now $10.02!

Baby Alive Fantasy Fairy Dress-up Set, was $34.97, now $9.42!

Little Dreams Doll High Chair, was...um...can't really make it out in the picture. :( But it's now only $5.42!

They had these cute Green Gorilla twin bed sets (other varieties available also) marked down to $17.42, from $55! 

Playmobile Alligator Hovercraft, was $19.97, now $9.98!

V-Smile VMotion Wall-E game, was $24.88, now $4.02!

VMotion Wireless Controller, was $19.96(? can't completely tell by the picture), now $6.42!

There were SOOO many more items, these are just a few of them! So, even though your kids probably got all the toys they need already for Christmas, you may find something to store away until a birthday or other special occasion. :)

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  1. OMG.. we do not have those clearance items at our store, i would totally love you forever, and pay you back if you would please pick up one of those wireless controllers.. ours is only on sale for 14.99 and we need another one.. pink or orange no preference.. just let me know!! lov ya.


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