Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't forget to submit for your Caregivers Marketplace rebate!

I just wanted to post a reminder for everyone to get their Caregivers Marketplace rebate sent in. You will be submitting receipts for all of 2009 and you have until January 31st to get it postmarked! So, if you haven't already, be sure to get started and get it out in time! If you don't know what Caregivers Marketplace is, it's a GREAT rebate program for caregivers, including those who care for children under 5. You can get rebates on a LOT of different items, including diapers! For more information, click HERE.

I just sent mine out yesterday and will be getting $15.00 back!

You will still be able to download the 2009 form HERE, but you can also take a look at and download the 2010 form HERE.

There is one big change to note. I received an email stating that they are going to be doing the rebates a little different this year. They are actually going to have a SEPARATE rebate for parents and caregivers of children under 5. It is still in the works, and they are still figuring out which companies are going to choose to participate, but I will be sure and let you know as soon as I know anything. So, when you look at the 2010 form, you will notice that it no longer has a lot of the baby products, such as diapers, pullups, etc. All of these items, plus hopefully more, will be on the new rebate form. I will let you know when that is available.


  1. ooo good idea, i haven't sent mine off either!!

  2. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for reminding your readers to send in their 2009 receipts by the deadline and also for letting them know that the maker of Huggies and some of the other brands decided not to offer rebates as part of Caregivers Marketplace in 2010.

    Like you said, we are developing a similar rebate program just for parents. We do not know which brands will decide to participate but we hope to design a rebate program with the right baby and child care items that fit your needs.

    So, now I want to ask you and your readers, which baby and child care items/brands would YOU like to see eligible for rebates?

    Also, I really like the look of your blog with the handwritten font - very cute!


  3. I actually sent in an email with some suggestions, but I'll post them here as well.

    Obviously there are a slew of products that would be WONDERFUL to receive rebates for, but I would say that the most important would be any of the following:

    Diaper Rash Ointments, such as Balmex, Desitin, etc.
    Fever Reducer/Pain Relievers, such as Infants Tylenol or Infant’s Motrin (this is just such a necessity to have in any home where an infant is present. It is used not just for sickness, but for pain relief of shots/immunizations, teething, etc.)
    Teething gel, such as Orajel
    Diapers (of course), Huggies, Pullups, Pampers, Easy Ups,
    Saline drops, such as Little Noses
    Perhaps even things like Band-Aid products or Excema controlling lotions and creams such as Auquphor.

    These are just a few of the many possibilities, for whatever it’s worth. :)


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