Friday, February 12, 2010

Walmart 2/11

I headed to Walmart yesterday to pick up milk and use my "FREE half gallon of chocolate milk wyb one gallon of white milk" from the "Win milk for a year" promotion and realized I had a few coupons that were nearing expiration that I needed to make use of. I also had those "FREE Oreos" coupons burning a whole in my coupon binder. :) 

I got everything you see pictured above, which should have cost me $64.42, for just $22.81! I saved $41.61 or 63%! I had "FREE" coupons for the International Delight coffee creamer (from becoming a fan on Facebook a while back), the Oreos (from becoming a fan and registering on Facebook a couple of weeks ago), and the chocolate milk (from a sweepstakes that is no longer available). I had coupons that made a lot of the other items free also, such as the $2/2 Nabisco coupon (IE or Firefox) that I used on the Ritz bitz sandwhiches (that were $1), $1/1 Kotex coupons that come with the free samples that are often available, and the $1/1 Wheat Thins coupons I got for becoming a fan on Facebook a while back (good old Facebook, huh?). I also got $.25 Kotex liners with the $1.50/2 coupon, $.28 Post Shredded Wheat cereal with the $2/1 Post cereals coupon (can't quite remember where that one came from...? Facebook maybe? lol) and the Monopoly card games were just $1.24 with the $4/1 coupon. There are some flushable wipes in the far right corner that I got for $.47 with a $1/1 coupon I got from a home mailer.

Beyond that I used random coupons I had. Every coupon counts!


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