Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weekly Price Check

People who do not coupon tend to think that Walmart is the cheapest place to shop, no matter what. So I thought I would do some price comparisons. Hopefully this will make you rethink that a little bit! Don't get me wrong, there are times when you can score GREAT deals and even freebies at Walmart, but generally can almost always find better deals at your local supermarket/grocery store with their in-store promotions and sales. In order to give you a more accurate price comparison, I will compare purchasing name brand items by matching sales and coupons vs. purchasing store brand (where applicable) at Walmart, as people tend to think nothing is better priced than Great Value brand! (all comparisons are between same size items unless specifically noted) To see last week's "Price Check," click HERE.

This week I decided to highlight some freebies and money-makers. Even Great Value brand can't beat FREE, nor will it ever PAY us to buy it! It amazes me to think back on all of the amazing things I have gotten for FREE or been paid to is a list of things off the top of my head that I have gotten for free (and many times even been PAID to buy) over the last year:

: Toothpaste : Toothbrushes : Floss : Lotion : Body Wash : Razors : Lip Care products : Make-up : Planters nuts : Pasta : Hair Care products : Nut Clusters : Relish : Mustard : Salad Dressing : Candy : Eye Drops : Cereal : BBQ Sauce : Popcorn : Milk : Eggs : Produce : Q-tips : Cough Drops : Face Wash : Deodorant : Coffee Creamer : Crackers : Cookies : Hamburger : Chicken : Juice Boxes : Air Fresheners : and the list goes on and on...

Seriously. I've gotten all of the above and so much more for FREE. Now, granted, some of the above things are only free SOMEtimes, yet a lot of the above you can get for FREE on a pretty regular basis. So, with that said, on to the comparisons. This week is a pretty abridged version as I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to prepare for a weekend getaway to Vegas with my hubby (NO KIDS!). Needless to say, I've been pretty stressed out trying to make sure I have all of the loose ends tied up (You'd think I was going away for a month and not just two days. Lol).

Walmart - Denture Adhesive Cream (smallest size they had was 2.4oz, at least that I saw) - $2.98
Walgreens - Poligrip (.75oz, so much smaller) - $2.00, but you get back a $2 RR, so it's essentially FREE, but WAIT! Use the $1/1 (RP 1/3) and make $1 by purchasing this!

Walmart - Blistex (they do not have any kind of store brand lip care product, so I used the cheapest one they had available) - $.92
Walgreens - Vitamin Water Lip Care - $1.99, but get a $2 RR back after purchase, so FREE! I got 4 of these last week, so I saved $3.68.

Walmart - Suave for Men (No Equate brand, so again just used the cheapest similar product I could find) - $1.93
Walgreens - Dove Men's Body Wash - $5.99, but get a $6RR after purchase, so FREE. BUT, then use the $1.50 IP that's available or the $1.25/1 from RP 1/31 to make this a $1.25-$1.50 money-maker! I bought 5 of these this week, so not only did I save $9.65, I MADE $7.25 by buying them!

These are not actually free this week, but $.99 is still pretty darn good! Plus, I have gotten these for free many, many times in the past. They are $8.94 at Walmart, minus the $4/1 coupon (PG 2/7) makes them $4.94.
Walgreens - $8.99, plus get back a $4RR, making them $4.99. Use the same $4/1 coupon and they are just $.99! Pretty awesome. I absolutely love these razors, even though they are for men. They're what I use all of the time. Add in the fact that they're frequently free and it can't get much better! :)

Walmart - Whole Wheat thin spaghetti (or regular thin spaghetti) - $1.00
Albertsons - Ronzoni Smart Taste or Healthy Harvest thin spaghetti - $1.00. Use the $1/2 HERE, plus a doubler (which doubles the coupon amount) and they are FREE.

I also noticed that the Great Value brand diapers went down to $5.88 from $6.67 (check out my last diaper comparison HERE.) 
That's a pretty decent price for diapers in general. HOWEVER, when you compare it to the fact that we are getting HUGGIES brand diapers for just $2.99 this week...that seems WAY too expensive! :) (Find out how you can get Huggies for $2.99 at Walgreens HERE.) 

What it comes down to is this:
Great Value brand, size 4, 31ct = $.19/diaper
Huggies brand, size 4, 31ct = $.10/diaper

That's a $.09 savings per diaper or $2.89 savings for the whole pack! I bought 8 packages of Huggies diapers this week for $23.92 (I didn't even really pay this much out-of-pocket because I used previous register rewards to pay for most of that amount). The same eight packs of store brand would have cost me $47.04. I saved $23.12!

Are you ready to start learning how to save your family a ton of money by matching coupons with sales? YOU can do it, too...I PROMISE! Click HERE to get started! How do I get so many coupons?? Read all about why I get multiple newspaper subscriptions HERE.


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