Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Extra Coupons...

So, as I'm making my list, I realize that I have a few coupons for items on sale this week, that I'm just not going to use...so I thought I would list them on here and if there are any you want, just email me and I'll let you have them on a first come, first serve basis. :) For example...I have a total of 12 coupons for the hamburger helper...well, each one is off of THREE, so...if I were to use all of them I would be buying 36 boxes of Hamburger Helper. Lol. I think that would be a bit excessive. :) There are also just coupons I have for products I'm not going to buy or don't need before the coupons will expire. I also thought maybe it would help out anyone who doesn't have the particular past inserts.

7 - Hamburger Helper $.75/3
8 - General Mills Cereal, any $1/3
5 - Zone Perfect Bars, any $.55/1
8 - AirWick Aerosols, any B2G2 (the grocerysmarts list does not list this coupon, but it comes out to be the same price as the printable for $1/2. It is from SS 6/14 and there are two in each insert.)
5 - Spray n Wash Bright n White $1.50/1

Also, just so everyone knows...I do not own any pets, so if there are ever pet product coupons that you want me to save for you or to watch out for, let me know! Otherwise they are just goign to get tossed out...

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  1. if i was in idaho this time around i would call dibs on your airwick coupons.. if it has a later expiration date and no one takes em, i still might be interested in them.. hmmm.. let me know. maybe they will have them on sale again.. or else where that i could use them.. oh yah and i also don't have a pet, so if you do find someone who wants the pet coupons let me know, they can have mine too...


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