Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a head's up!

So...from all of the blogs I'd been reading, they all said that the Albies store would give one ad per person if you went to the customer service desk and requested one and recommended places to go buy extra papers to get a bunch of the doublers. Well, at the Albies on 12th ave, they are awesome...I actually had bought my 6 papers for the doublers, and then on my next time through the line the lady in front of me was asking for more doublers and they just gave her as many as she wanted! So needless to say, I got 2 more sets of doublers without having to buy the paper. So just ASK! They'll give you some. Even if they only give you one set, that's one less paper you have to buy! :)

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  1. thats awesome, must have been a nice lady then... our albies here in pendleton, gives you as many as you want also.. brian always brings home a handful of the ads.. even though i don't actually need that many. lol.


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