Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My friend Martha wrote:

"My mother-in-law called me to tell me that Albertson's mailed her a set of coupons a couple of days ago. She got 4 $6 off coupons with a purchase of $80 or more in July. I have a savings PC and I didn't get anything. Have you heard of people or Albertson's sending this out?"

You know...I WISH I had the answer to this question. My dad sometimes gets these things in the mail too, but I have yet to receive any ever. I am not sure how they determine who to send them to and when. :( I just don't know. I guess just keep your eyes peeled for stuff like that and if anyone gets any of these kinds of coupons in the mail, let us know...maybe we can figure it out. :)

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  1. heck ya, i would like to know too please =)... i haven't gotten any EVER. maybe that will change with all of us shoppin there more frequently now. who knows.


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