Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shopping Trip 6/25

Wow...what a great morning. For the first time ever on my Wednesday morning shopping trip, I didn't have to bring the kids! Well, I did bring Kennedy, but she doesn't count because she sleeps the whole time. :) The boys stayed at home with my mom, who offered to start watching them on Wednesdays she's available and not working, which is TOTALLY awesome. I'd been trying to set up a sitter for Wed. mornings, but have had no luck so far. So that works out great. (except that she'll be gone camping next week. Lol)

Alright, so any way, had a great shopping trip today and had my highest percentage of savings so far! And that was including a couple of items that weren't even on sale, but that my husband just had to have. :) I also didn't make any mistakes for the first time ever! Lol.

Here is what I bought and how much I paid per item:

15 - Assorted Hamburger, Chicken, and Tuna Helper ($.73-.75 ea)
4 - Bagel Bites ($.50 ea)
5 - Airwick i-Motion Starter Kit ($1.49 ea)
1 - Airwick Freshmatic Mini Starter Kit ($1.49)
2 - Kraft Easy Macs (FREE)
8 - Dannon Yogurt ($.13 ea)
5 - Pepsi/Mt. Dew 12pks ($2.60 ea)
4 - Airwick Aerosols (FREE)
1 - Ken's Lite Accent Spray ( FREE)
4 - Taco Bell Taco Shells ($.50 ea)
1 - Resolve Carpet Cleaner ($1.99)
1 - Spray n Wash Bright n White ($1.99)
2 - Heinz 57 Sauce (10oz) ($.79 ea)
3 - Quaker Tru Delight bars ($1.79 ea) (these were not on sale, but my hubby is in love with them, so I had to take advantage of the doublers! I'll probably buy more later in the week.)

The total amount this should have cost is $228.73. I got it all for $45.23+ tax! I saved $183.50, which comes to about 80% savings! I purchased 67 items, so that's an average of about $.68/item. :)

Now I will do the breakdown of exactly what I did...

I did two transactions for the buy 10, save $5 instantly promo. You do not need to do separate transactions to get the instant $5 off, but you do have to do them separately if you want to maximize your savings using doublers.

Transaction #1

2 - Kraft Easy Mac
4 - Airwick i-Motion Starter Kits
4 - Bagel Bites
I got my instant $5 off for having 10 items, plus used $1/2 Easy Mac, 4-$4/1 Airwick, 2-$1/2 Bagel Bites, and 2 doublers.

Transaction #2

4 - Taco Bell taco shells
2 - Heinz 57
1 - Resolve carpet cleaner
1 - Spray n Wash
1 - AirWick Freshmatic Mini
1 - AirWick i-Motion
I got my instant $5 off, plus used $1/1 Heinz, $1.50/1 Resolve, $1.50/1 Spray n Wash, 2-$4/1 Airwick, plus two doublers.

Transaction #3

2 - Gallon Shopper's Value Milk
5 - Pepsi 12pk (they were buy 4, get 1 free which made them $2.60ea)
I used 2-$.75/1 any milk and two doublers (which meant I got milk for $.19/gallon!!! Isn't that crazy!?) I also used a $10 catalina from last week's promo.

Transaction #4

2 Quaker True Delight bars
I used 2-$1/1 and two doublers
OOP=3.58 (again, these weren't on sale, just had to take advantage of doublers!)

Transaction #5

12 - Hamburger Helper
I used 2-$.80/3, 2-$.75/3, and two doublers

Transaction #6

4 - Airwick Aerosols
6 - Hamburger Helper
I used 2-$1/2 AirWick, 2-$.80/3, and two doublers

Transaction #7

1 - Quaker True Delights
1 - Ken's Lite Accents Spray
I used $1/1 Quaker, $1/1 Ken's and two doublers

Transaction #8
8 - Dannon Yogurt
I used 2-$.75/4 any yogurt and two doublers

There ya go! I know it seems crazy to do so many transactions, and you really don't have to...I just choose to because every time I break it down, I can use two more doublers and that's $2 extra saved! I usually bring the items for two transactions with me each time I go to the register, pay for both, then unload them in my car. Then I go back for the next set of two, and repeat. However, again, if you go at a time when it's really busy, you should really only do one transaction at a time as a general courtesy to others.

I'm sure I'll get back to the store sometime this week and use some more doublers. I have my sights set on a few things. Hope your guys' trips go well this week...let me know what great savings you accomplish!


  1. im thats so awesome.. pays off to get your 5 newspapers. your so good at this you make me want to quit.. how bout you do my shoppin trips when im in idaho =) i'll giv you what you need.. you save me the no im being serious!=)

  2. Thats awesome! You did so good!! Check out my blog.. I made some mistakes today =( But still, this week had some great deals!

  3. I checked your blog...but for some reason it will NOT let me leave comments on it. I tried the other day as well, and the same thing. When I click on "post comment" it just does nothing...? Is anyone else having that problem with your blog?

  4. Maybe! I will check my settings... I thought it was just my friends and family not understanding how to.. Thanks for the heads up


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