Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Update

Well, I made another trip to Albies after the T-ball game, trying to use up some doublers...but they were wiped out of everything. Lol. Oh well...I guess I saved even MORE money by not shopping at all, eh? :)

So, just a few things to point out...the list is up HERE at GrocerySmarts. One of the coupons they left off of it, as of now (this might be updated at some point) is the $1/1 WishBone Bountifuls from the RP 6/28, which would make them $.67 instead of $.92.

Also, the dairy coupons have RESET! Well, the milk and cheese have...not the yogurt, yet (if it will at all). So go HERE to print them before they're gone! They do expire June 14th, though (or at least mine do...maybe if you print them later, they expire later? not sure) so be sure to use them before then...hopefully we'll get some doublers before then...so I'm hanging onto them for now....

The rest of the coupons have reset also! So be sure to go to Coupons.com and print off the ones you want (remember to go to Group A, Group B, and Group C and remember you can print each coupon TWICE!). Once they reach their print limit, they yank them! You wouldn't want to miss out! Don't forget to make sure your printer settings are set to the lowest quality and you use your cheap paper! That way you're not spending a ton of money on ink and paper to print those coupons!


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