Sunday, July 5, 2009

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you...?

My husband always jokes, asking "when are the cops going to come looking for you?" or "are you sure this is legal?" I can see how sometimes it seems like it can't possibly be possible for someone to get so much stuff for so little money. In fact, a lot of times we're getting stuff FREE! However, you have to keep in mind that the store is getting paid for what you are buying no matter what. Sometimes the money comes out of your own pocket...sometimes they are reimbursed by the manufacturer who puts out the coupon. Basically coupons=cash! You're paying with "cash," so-to-speak, when you hand over your coupons, just as if you were paying with a real dollar bill. THEY ARE GETTING PAID! The reason we wind up paying so little is just all in the system. Not using coupons just because you have them, but, rather, waiting until that item goes on sale. Not necessarily buying just the things you need at that given point in time...but buying things when they're at their lowest price points. Using multiple coupons to take advantage of sales and really create a food stockpile. There is nothing to be feeling guilty about in paying so little (or sometimes nothing at all) for the things you are buying. The grocer is getting paid one way or the other...

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  1. you kno i was wondering the same thing.. what are you goin to do when they come for you?? you score such awesome deals all the time. im jealous...


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