Sunday, July 5, 2009

Calling all husbands!

It was funny...a little while back when I scored my amazing deals at Target and got all of those Gillette items, bounty paper towels, Bakeshop goodies, etc...and paid less than the cost of ONE razor for the whole lot...well, my husband just happened to be with me that time. He and the boys went off to do some other things while I went and got the things I needed. When we met up, I told him, "See this razor? It costs $7.49. I'm going to get two of them, plus ALL this other stuff in the cart for less than that and STILL have money left on a Target gift card." Of course his response was..."I gotta see this!" He had never gone shopping with me and, though he knew I was saving a ton of money and getting things for next to nothing, he didn't have a TRUE appreciation for it, until he watched me go through the checkout and wind up paying exactly what I said I would and having a Target gift card handed back to me with money on it. He was just amazed as he watched the process unfold and saw FIRSTHAND what I was capable of doing. He just couldn't believe his eyes! This is the same husband who, when I first told him I wanted to try this system, was very hesitant and kind of cautious about it. He said he could see how it might save a little money, but that it would take more time and effort than I had available or than it was worth. Lol. As time went on and I started showing him my receipts and showing him what I was getting for as little money as I was spending, and also as he continued to fill up the gas tank for $.05, $.10, even $.80 per gallon off, he started coming around. He even bragged to people all the time about this new system I used. But, I think it took him really being there and watching it happen to really, truly grasp what an absolutely wonderful system this is and how much it was worth all the time and effort I was dedicating to it. He's even helped pull coupons out of the papers and looks out for coupons wherever he goes now. :)

My advice to you would be take your husbands along! Even just one trip, and let him watch you in action. If you husband is at all like mine, and was feeling weary or skeptical, it might just be what he needs! :)

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  1. amen sista.. thats so great. brian goes shopping with me to albies sometimes.. he enjoys it, even though he will never admit it... =) Men.


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