Monday, November 16, 2009

Submitting for Rebates

We've been having so many rebate opportunities lately that I thought I would take some time to post a "rebate refresher" post.

Ah...rebates. Everybody hates rebates. It's a pain to fill them out. It's a pain making sure you have everything you need, exactly the way they want it. It's a pain taking the time to put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it, and take it to the mail box. It's a pain to wait weeks and HOPE that it shows up!

Well, that's how I feel about rebates sometimes, but now that I've been couponing, I have found that rebates are EVERYwhere and it's FREE MONEY just waiting to be had! I try to keep this in mind when I'm taking the time to fill one out and send it in.

To date, since starting couponing a few months ago, I have recieved about $70 in rebates and am still awaiting $20 as we speak! I find it's very worth it! There are a few things to keep in mind when submiting for rebates...

1.) Make sure you purchase the exact items required by the rebate. Sounds easy enough, but believe me, sometimes they make it confusing! Also pay attention to purchase date requirements. You will usually have to buy them buy a certain ending date, but sometimes you must also purchase them after a certain start date. Usually you have a period of time after the end date of when you must purchase the item by and the time you must actually have the rebate submission postmarked. Make sure you get it out by the postmark date requirement!

2.) Check and double-check that you have everything the way it states on the rebate form. Usually they will want you to circle the purchase price on your receipt, so make sure you do that if requested. Make sure you have copied the address correctly on the envelope.

3.) COPIES, COPIES, COPIES! Make a copy of what you are sending in. If it requires more than one page, staple them together so that they do not lose each other. I always make copies of the envelope after it's addressed, also, just so that if any difficulties arise, I can refer to the address I sent it to.

4.) Once you have made copies, make sure EVERYTHING makes it back into the envelope before you seal it! I have sealed an envelope and not realized that the tiny little cutout proof-of-purchase had fallen out. Luckily I found it before I mailed it off!

5.)Make note of the length of time you should receive your rebate by and write the estimated date on your copies. For example, if the rebate says "allow 6-8 weeks" I would write the date 8 weeks from now. That way, if I do not receive my rebate by then, I know I need to call and find out what's up.

6.)Put your rebates in a place where they can be kept all together so that you do not lose track of any of them! For me, I keep a sheet protector in the back of my coupon binder to stick them in. That way, they are not in the way, but I know where they are for easy reference. I also have a separate sheet protector for rebate forms I have printed but have not completed or submitted for, yet. Again, it makes for very easy reference to find them!

That's all! Just be patient and it will come! It feels great to open your mailbox and see a check with your name on it! Remember, there are all kinds of rebates out there! You can find them online, in the newspaper inserts, in the store, in/on the name it! Take the time to fill them out! If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment!

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