Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aren't store brand items cheaper any way?

Just a couple of days ago I was walking through Walmart and passed their display of Great Value shredded cheese and had to laugh:

I used to pay $1.25 for Great Value brand cheese and though I was getting a good deal?! Just last week I was able to stock up on KRAFT shredded cheese for only $.49/bag after sale and coupon! I bought 6 packages for only $2.94. I would only have gotten 2 packages of the Great Value brand at Walmart for that price! By stocking up, I know I'll make it to the next great sale. I just throw 5 of the bags of cheese in the freezer until we're ready for them. They freeze really well and are just fine after thawing in the refrigerator. :)

For some people it is hard to grasp the idea of purchasing name brand items with coupons, when the store brand item right next to it is STILL cheaper than said name brand item after coupon. Well, on any normal given day if you were to walk into the grocery store to purchase something, yes, that would be the case. Before I started couponing I would frequently find myself with the same notion. I would stand in front of the cereal and notice that even AFTER I used my $.50 off coupon for the Apple Jacks that was priced at $3.25, the Great Value brand sitting next to it was still only $2.50, and therefore still cheaper than the Apple Jacks. So, I'd grab the Great Value brand, throw it in the cart, and be on my way (and we ALL have to admit that the store brand NEVER tastes quite as good as the name brand, but at least it's ok).

BUT, what if you went into the store when the Apple Jacks was on sale for $2.50? Then, use your $1.00 off coupon and now it's only $1.50! Cheaper than the store brand! THEN, what if you had a double coupon (where the store actually matches your manufacturer coupon, doubling your discount) that took off another $1.00, making the cereal only $.50? Pretty great, right? NOW, what if for ever four boxes of cereal you bought, you got a $1 OYNSO to use on a future purchase, essentially making the cereal $.25/box?? By combining coupons, sales, doublers, catalinas, or any combination of deals, you are able to purchase the name brand item for WAY less (in this example, you are saving $1.75 by purchasing the name brand) than the store brand! Of course, by having multiple copies of coupons by getting multiple newspaper subscriptions, you are able to stock up on this cereal while you can get it for $.25 so that you do not have to purchase it again until it is at a price that you are willing to pay. For more about multiple newspaper subscriptions and why you need them, click HERE.

Ok, so you can see from the example that it's not always cheaper to buy the store brand.

Any way, just had to throw this out there. I know it's hard to get your mind around the idea of purchasing name brand items when it would appear that store brand items are always cheaper, even after coupon. You will come to realize that this just isn't the case if you shop smartly.

If you are new to couponing, be sure to go HERE and learn more about how this system works and how you, too, can start saving 60-90% on your grocery bill!


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