Thursday, December 31, 2009

Even produce can be much cheaper at Albies!

Another sight that made me chuckle while at Walmart the other day was their display of the 5lb boxes of Cuties:

They are $6.98 at Walmart. Last week they were only $4.99 at Albertson's. So, already they were $1.99 cheaper at Albertson's. Using the $1/1 coupon that was available in the newspaper made them $5.98 at Walmart and $3.99 at Albertson's. Albertson's had double coupons available, so they doubled my coupon value of $1, giving me a total of $2 off. I paid only $2.99 for the 5lb box at Albies. I saved $2.99 by buying them at Albies. I have also heard that Albies has their Cuties 5lb boxes marked down as low as $2.99, so only $1.99 after coupon. If you're there, be sure to check them out!


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