Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Totals

Wow, another month gone already! Well, come to mention it, another DECADE gone! Yikes. Well, I managed to meet my budget again this month! Woohoo! I came in just under budget this month. I figure that part of that has to do with having Christmas and all. :)  I also spent a bit on stocking up on diapers (that were priced so great at Walgreen's a couple of weeks ago) so I shouldn't have to buy them again for at least a couple of weeks.

Before I give my breakdown, I like to point out things that ARE and ARE NOT included in my totals.

Things that ARE included in my totals:
*Food (not including dining out)
*Diapers (for two kids)
*Formula (I breast feed, but supplement with formula)
*ALL cleaning supplies (air fresheners, household cleaners, laundry items, etc.)
*Toiletries (hair products, deodorant, feminine products, paper products, etc)
*Medicine & health related items (non-prescription)
*Office Supplies (including school supplies)

Items NOT included in my totals:
*Any of the above items that are purchased with the sole intent of being a gift
*Dining out
*Prescription Meds

For the month of December I budgeted myself $301.00 for the month, which breaks down to $70/week ($70 x 4.3 weeks). $301.00 for a month seems like a lot, but when you break it down by week ($70/week) you realize how little it really is. You also have to remember that on $70/week I support a family of FIVE, including two in diapers and 1 on supplemental formula! Plus that accounts for EVERYTHING I buy to keep my house running, including even MAKEUP!

Alright, so here is my month's breakdown for December:

Week 1:
Total the items SHOULD have cost me: $132.88
Total out-of-pocket (OOP) I actually paid: $60.20
Total saved: $72.68 or 55% (not a GREAT percentage of savings, but still good and I still came in under budget for that week, so I'm not complaining!)

Week 2:
Total the items SHOULD have cost: $150.80
Total OOP: $96.17
Total saved: $55.65 or 37%. My lowest percentage EVER! Lol.

Week 3:
Total the items SHOULD have cost: $212.40
Total OOP: $77.73
Total saved: $134.67 or 63%

Week 4 (plus the extra three days of the month)
Total the items SHOULD have cost: $341.64
Total OOP: $80.97
Total saved: $260.67 or 76%

Month end totals:
Total everything SHOULD have cost me: $837.64
Total I actually paid: $305.07.
I also received $10 back in rebates from the Snow White dvd a couple of months ago.
Adjusted monthly OOP: $295.07
Total saved: $542.57 or 65%!

I came in $5.93 under budget. I also still have $10 in RR to spend like cash at Walgreen's. I also still have a $10 gift check to Rite Aid from the Gift of Savings promo during Thanksgiving.

I also saved $4.57 on gas this month. Not a lot, but I also didn't do a ton of shopping at Albies this month.

For the month of January I am going to budget myself $279.50, which breaks down to $65/week. I hope that it's doable! I'm slowly trying to inch my way down to $50/week. I think that that is an attainable goal as long as I really focus! Wish me luck! :)


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