Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Navy--30% off one item coupon!

Go HERE to print your coupon for 30% off one item (includes clearance!). Certain newspapers got the Old Navy circular this Sunday (I didn't see it...did anyone else?) and the coupon was there, but you can also print this one and take it in. It is "snipped" from their online "Current week's circular" so it does not have a barcode and it doesn't look like a coupon you would be able to use in store, but it is. Many others have confirmed from Old Navy that they will accept this coupon, as even the ones in the papers did not have barcodes. It gives the code on the coupon for the associates to enter that will give the discount so that is what matters. If you feel hesitant, you can always call your local Old Navy and find out. Have fun shopping! If you combine this with a clearance item, you should be able to score a really great bargain!


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