Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time to go through coupons!

As you probably know, a LOT of coupons are getting ready to expire on December 31st! I would recommend going through your binder and making a list of any of the coupons you want to be sure to use before they expire.

When you go through your coupons, remember, just because you have a coupon, doesn't mean you should use the coupon. If you use it just because you have it, you will probably still wind up paying more than you would on a generic store brand of the same item. However, you will want to make note of any high-value coupons that you may have not gotten around to using yet. Or, if there are products that you NEED, then by all means, use a coupon before it expires, but just get what you need to get you to the next sale and coupon.

You will wind up throwing a TON of coupons away (or sending them overseas...learn more HERE) and you may feel a little sad about throwing all of that "money" away and not using it, but, rest assured, those coupons WILL come again. :) I have read in a few forums that the first inserts of the year tend to have a LOT of coupons or that there tend to just be more inserts overall to kind of compensate for all of the previous coupons that expire at the end of the previous year. A lot of the coupons tend to be geared toward healthy and "diet" foods (have you made your New Year's resolutions, yet?).


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