Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walmart--TWO Glade scented oil candle holders AND TWO refill packs a $3.50 money-maker!

When I was at Walmart last night I saw they had a big endcap of Glade Holiday Collection candles and Scented oil stuff and plug-ins all priced at $2.25 each. As I went to open one of the tins to smell it a high-value $1.50 off ONE Scented Oil Candle Holder coupon fell out! I was super excited! That made the tin only $.75! Then I remembered that I had a coupon for a FREE refill pack when you purchase a Scented oil holder (from a couple of previous inserts, so check your binder, you should have it too!), using both coupons (I can use them both because they are for two separate items) I was able to get them both for only $.75 or $.38/ea! I thought that was a pretty great deal. BUT, there's more! I can now submit for the SC Johnson $5 rebate I told you about HERE. That means I will make $3.50 and get all four great items!

My favorite scent was the Apple Cinnamon...mmmm...but the Homemade Gingerbread was pretty yummy too.

I bought four of each (this pic is just to show you some of the different kinds) and paid $3.00 for all of it! I also paid in separate transactions of 4 items, so that I can submit twice for the $5 rebate, so I will get $10 back, making $7 on this deal!

They also had these really pretty holders for the and same price, but there is no coupon in them. :( You can still use the FREE refill wyb a holder coupon, so you will get both for $2.25. I had to get one for myself...:)

Remember, these were on an endcap (previously I had seen them in a center kiosk display) so not with the other Glade products. Keep an eye out! I plan to use these in some gift baskets I'm making! :)

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